Playing an instrument is one of the most incredible experiences.

However, hundreds of hours of practicing, away from the world, make it a difficult goal to achieve on the long run.

90% of the people eventually quit. 

This is where we step in.

We developed a teaching method that keeps 90% of our students, both children and adults, in class.

To increase the adrenaline, we took our teaching ideas and created a VIDEO GAME for piano players.

About 'Music Land'

Ask a child to clean his room - he won't. Instead, challenge him into a game who makes the biggest pile of toys found on the floor and he will do it in minutes.

It works the same in life, once you manage to imagine your problems as a challenging game.

Characters interact with the player, making the experience fun

No matter if you played wrong, or not within the rhythm, or just perfect, someone will always be there for you to cheer you up.

You will no longer be alone or get bored while you are practicing.

Multiple user experiences

The user experiences the life of a genuine musician: one day he is with his band or he is practicing at home, the other is on the stage playing a piano concert, the other day he rocks with his band and makes a crowd go wild.

With the options to choose your character, you can choose to be whoever you want to be.

Rehearsing becomes exciting, not a burden

We don't want to convince you, just try it for yourself.

We promise you, it will be a thrilling experience!

How to play

Connect your keyboard or digital piano to a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The application can be used both by children and adults playing piano.

If you have an older instrument, you will only need a convertor from MIDI to USB.

Keep an eye out, for there is more to come

If you wish to be our tester or ask us anything please drop us an email to:

'Startup Spirit Award'

Startup Weekend, Iasi, 2015

Special prize awarded by mentors, for the first time in SW history
Central European Startup Awards, 2016

Music Land was chosen among the 7 semifinalists in 'Best User Experience' category